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First Reformed Church Launches Upgraded Website

SADDLE BROOK - First Reformed Church's website looks very different lately.

The church launched an upgraded website on January 15th with new features including chat capability, mobile-friendly, worship videos, upcoming Scripture lessons, as well as testimonies.

"We wanted to create an experience - when you visit our site you will be inspired and know what we are all about," said Pastor Christopher Wolf.

"For us, it's not enough to just have a web presence - we want to be a spiritual resource and provide a gateway for people to experience the good things God is doing at our church," explained Pastor Wolf.

Church member Thomas Van Winkle led and implemented the redesign. "One of my goals was to make it mobile-friendly. A majority of people have smartphones and tablets in 2017, so we wanted the site to respond well in its display on these devices." Van Winkle said that he did extensive research that led him to ensure that allow visitors to easily find out what is happening at the church.

In addition, website visitors can easily connect with the church's social media as well as ask for prayers.

"Thomas did a great job and we are excited to continue and enhance outreach beyond the church through our website," said Pastor Wolf.

The website address is www.firstreformedsaddlebrook.com. You can also see a brief video tour of the website above.

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