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The Heart of the Good Shepherd

SADDLE BROOK - Believe it or not, it is Memorial Day Weekend. Many people are preparing to take part in various leisurely activities, such as barbecues and traveling to vacation destinations.

However, there is far more to Memorial Day than these leisurely activities. Memorial Day is a day to remember all the fallen veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms, including freedom of religion.

This idea of remembrance will be the focus of Rev. Christopher Wolf's message, "The Heart of the Good Shepherd".

"The men and women we honor this weekend of Memorial Day represent the heart of Jesus as the Good Shepherd - willing to lay their lives down for the sheep [as stated in John 10:11]," said Rev. Wolf.

All are welcome to join us for worship tomorrow morning at 10:30am at the corner of Saddle River Road and Ackerman Avenue (5 Ackerman Avenue) in Saddle Brook, New Jersey - patriotic hymns and the remembrance of fallen soldiers and Jesus Christ's ascension into heaven.

Tomorrow is also the Saddle Brook Memorial Day Parade. The parade will kick off at 1:30pm on Fair Lawn Parkway. We will have a fully staffed water station in front of the church. All those interested in assisting are asked to meet downstairs in the Van Wyk Fellowship Hall following worship to set up.