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Consistory Update ~ 6/11/2017

The Consistory would like to take this opportunity to update the congregation and members of the community regarding recent concerns we have discussed which we anticipate will incur potential major expenses. Please be assured that your consistory is working hard to insure that costs are kept as contained as possible and that monies are being spent prudently.

The church roof is of major concern and is considered a priority as we have had multiple leaks over the past several months. The Buildings and Grounds Committee is in the process of obtaining estimates for securing repair work to damaged areas as well as the cost of a full roof replacement. The second priority for this committee is the Ackerman Avenue parking lot which raises safety concerns due to the multiple large cracks in the pavement. This parking lot is not only used by our congregation but also by the children at Vacation Bible School for recreation, members of the New Light Korean Presbyterian church (who share our building), our building use partners as well as many guests. Again, the Building and Grounds Committee is seeking estimates for repair work and for full replacement.

Aerial view of the church......As you can see, we have a large roof, thus making for a potentially large expense. The Ackerman Ave. parking lot can be seen behind the church building (SOURCE: Google Earth).

There have been issues with the organ over the past year which our contracted organ company, Peragallo Organ, appeared unable to resolve. They have suggested a complete overhaul which would cost approximately $42,000. Understandably, we feel this amount is not financially feasible. The Worship Committee extends sincere thanks to congregation member, Bob Redvanly, for his time and effort in locating Konzelman Pipe Organs whose assessment of the organ repairs is much less costly. Consistory has allotted $3,500 towards repairs which should restore the performance of the organ to an acceptable level and also remedy some electrical concerns related to the organ. These repairs should be taking place in the very near future.

The Consistory would also like to extend an invitation to members of the congregation and others in the community regarding the opportunity to help us with the above listed concerns. If you have used a contractor or know of someone who provides roofing and paving services, we invite you to speak to them and request an estimate for the work needed. If you are able to assist in obtaining estimates, please speak with John Casbar, Herb Larsen, or a Consistory member to discuss what the estimate should consist of and which contractors have already been contacted. You can also call the church office at 201-843-6672.

Aside from the above list, we can also use help with watering the church and parsonage gardens this summer. Especially during hot, dry weather, we try to water the gardens three times a week. If we can organize a group of people to assist with this, it will make the task far easier for everyone.

Please remember that every committee works best when there are many minds, hands and hearts working together as one. Your help is always needed, always wanted and deeply appreciated.

For more information on our upcoming building projects, please CLICK HERE to hear Evelyn Leseberg, Vice President of Consistory, speak to the congregation during today's worship service.

Thank You,

The Consistory of the First Reformed Church of Saddle Brook, NJ

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