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First Reformed Weekly ~ 7/23/2017 (Seventh Sunday After Pentecost)

Good afternoon everyone! Today was the second Sunday of Pastor Christopher's series, "Guiding and Leading". We heard from the Bible different ways God guides us in life and decisions - and how we can learn to trust Him. We invite you to one, a few, or all of these - there's no commitment - just welcoming people, prayers and praise, and the power of God's Word and love. 10:30am every Sunday.

We hope you watch the service when it is uploaded tonight. Also, we invite you to listen to this week's Christopher's Chat as Pastor Christopher explains this week's message:


Music Ministry Luncheon

The congregation is invited to a luncheon to express our gratitude to our Music Director, Susan Redvanly, on Sunday, August 13th. She will be moving on from her ministry of serving the Lord through music here. She has truly blessed many people. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the hallway where you can indicate your attendance.

Vacation Bible School

Our annual Vacation Bible School program is scheduled to run Monday, July 31st through Friday, August 4th from 9am-12pm daily. Registration is underway for children entering pre-k (AND age 3 by 6/1/2017) through 6th grade in September 2017. CLICK HERE to register your child.

Also, please note that donations are needed for VBS as we will be making snack crafts. The following items are needed: water, apple juice, goldfish crackers, 7 oz. plastic cups, animal crackers, lucky charms cereal (or similar type of cereal), marshmallows (large and mini), pretzel sticks, dessert-sized paper plates, and napkins. Monetary donations would also be appreciated.

Envelope of the Month

The envelope of the month is your blue 3rd Quarter Assessment envelope. As a reminder, our Classis assessment is $86.00 per person for the year ($21.50 quarterly). As we promised to keep you advised of our financial situation, we should let you know that we were a bit short on our 2nd quarter assessment income. If you have any questions, please see any Consistory member or Pastor.

Coffee Hour

Please check the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board outside the upstairs kitchen for Sundays that remain open to host.

Ongoing Clothing Drive We continue to accept bagged or boxed donations of clothing, shoes, accessories, bedding, linens, curtains and towels. All donations may be left outside Pastor Christopher's garage doors in the Ackerman Avenue parking lot anytime.

Last Week's Prayer Concerns (July 9th)

Helen, Ross, Sue, Tyler, Danika, Felipe's wife, Vinny, Howard S., the family of Steve, the Carriere family.

If you have placed someone on the prayer list and would like to have a handmade prayer cloth (shown below) for them, please see Winnie Caputo to arrange for them to receive one. For more information on the prayer cloth ministry, click HERE. ​