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Operation Christmas Child Update ~ 11/3/2017

Good evening everyone, our Operation Christmas Child packing party is a little over a week away. The packing party is scheduled for Sunday, November 12th at 3pm downstairs in the Van Wyk Fellowship Hall. Please enter through the door from the Saddle River Rd. parking lot. Refreshments will be served during the packing party. We will also hold a special dedication, where we will pray over the boxes.

Please remember the following general guidelines:

  • Shipping price has increased to $9/box this year

  • We are UNABLE TO ACCEPT DONATIONS OF TOOTHPASTE OR HARD CANDY this year due to customs restrictions. Any donations received will be offered to the food pantry.

  • We ARE still collecting toothbrushes!!

  • NO Mirrors, or anything breakable including snowglobes and mugs.

  • NO liquids of any kind, including paint

  • Multi packs of items will be separated in most cases

  • NO political items including flags

  • NO toy weapons or war toys

  • PLEASE kindly ensure that all items are NEW.

PLEASE remember to pray while you shop, and pray for the child who receives your box while you are packing it! Pray for the Samaritan’s Purse staff who guide the box into the hands of the child who God has already chosen to receive it!


As far as shoe boxes go, we always need more! We PREFER to use the larger ones with separate lids. However, we can also use the ones with the attached lids (they are just a bit more difficult to wrap, but we do have some expert wrappers at this point!)

We also have 137 red and green Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Boxes which don’t require wrapping.


  • Wrapping paper: currently have many partial rolls, but not sure how much on each roll, as well as six new rolls

  • Scotch tape (it looks like we have plenty of packing tape)

  • Scissors

  • Large rubber bands that will around each shoe box lengthwise and across

Below is a list of the donations we have received as of this posting. We have separated this list into different categories.


  • Toothbrushes - 67 -- We also have 1 electric toothbrush! Although they are less expensive in multi-packs, each toothbrush is really supposed to be individually wrapped to ensure that it is new and sanitary.

  • Combs - 80 (Brushes are good too. We have none so far!)

  • Headbands - 13

  • Hairclips - 10

  • Hair Scrunchies - 2

  • Mini Manicure Sets - 10

  • Mini packs of tissues - 60

  • Washcloths - 18 (We are looking for brightly colored ones this year if you can find them!)

  • Soap - THIS IS A STAPLE ITEM WHICH GOES INTO EACH AND EVERY SHOE BOX, AND WE HAVE ZERO!! Any brand is okay, but think basic Ivory, Dial, Coast. It’s not necessary to buy anything fancy. We prefer bath size bars that will last a while! Remember each bar needs to be in a Ziplock bag!


  • 12” School rulers - 4

  • Educational Activity Books Early Elementary level - 7

  • Elementary Math Flashcards - 2

  • Large Erasers - 9

  • Pencil tip erasers - 60

  • Notebooks - 3

  • Pencils - 20 Halloween theme (remember some cultures don’t celebrate this holiday)

  • Regular pencils - 85 loose plus 116 brand new in box

  • Small plastic pencil sharpeners - 13

  • Pens - 27 (multi-packs will be separated)

  • Composition notebooks - 4

  • Sticky note pads - 5

  • Notepads - 9 new plus some loose sheets

  • Notepad and pencil sets - 2

  • Additional school supplies needed include:

  • Solar calculators, protractors/compasses, dictionary/thesaurus, small pencil sharpeners


  • Marker Art sets - 2

  • Coloring book sets - 2

  • Adult Coloring books - 1

  • Drawing pads (8.5” x 11”) - 2

  • 80 sheet multi pack white paper - 1 package

  • Colored pencil packs (12 in each) - 8

  • 24 pack crayons - 11

  • Mini drawing/note pads - 4

  • Craft Sets - 2

  • Lacing craft set - 1

  • Suncatcher art - 10 sets (We might use these, but please remember that paint is technically not allowed)

  • Sticker sheets - 48 (mostly sports and outdoors, so we could use some more variety)


  • Underwear: (we need all sizes; here’s what we have so far)

  • boys (size 12-14) three pack - 1

  • girls (size 6) ten pack - 2

  • men’s (small) three pack - 1

  • T shirts boys (size 8) - 2

  • Bandanas red and blue - 5 of each

  • Girls socks (size 9-11) - 3 pairs

Additional items needed include: ball caps, winter hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, flip-flops, socks, underwear, shoes.


  • Puzzles (Star Wars theme) - 1

  • Barbie doll - 1

  • Small troll themed figure - 1

  • Beanie Baby type sized stuffed animals - 13 (We try to put one plush toy into every box, so we need a lot more!)

  • Unicorn figures - 5

  • Matchbox cars/trucks - 5

  • Matchbox planes - 2

  • Preschool card games - 2

Additional items needed include: Play Dough, Small Lego sets, Gliders, Harmonicas, Kazoos, Recorders, dolls. MORE PLUSH toys!


  • Kids’ story books - 11

  • Little girls diaries with princess theme - 6

  • Puzzle books Christmas theme crossword and word finds - 10

Additional items needed include: Bible story books, coloring books, journals

Thank you for reading through our update. To download this entire updated list, CLICK HERE. We will have more updates over the next week leading up to the packing party. We hope to see you there. God bless!

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