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The Meaning of Church

For some, church=judgment, church=perfection, church=hypocrisy. I'm sorry about that. Trust me, I've had my own up and down journey with church - and I've landed in a good place. See, after all these years, I've come to understand the difference between what church often becomes and what God intended. Which is why I'm inviting you to an important series starting tomorrow:

January 14 - "Church=Praise"

January 21 - "Church=Love"

January 28 - "Church=Together"

February 4 - "Church=Sacred"

February 11 - "Church=Mission"

And I have to think that many of you, despite hurt and time, still yearn for "church" - the way it was meant to be. How about a second chance? 10:30am Sundays.

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