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Welcome Home

My brothers and sisters: Whether you attend regularly or it's been a while, I'm inviting you, starting tomorrow (continuing on September 16, 23, 30) for a series and experience called "Welcome Home".

It's based on stories in the Bible in which no matter how far, no matter what's happened, God makes a way and welcomes us home - as we are - in pieces, feeling down, curious, on the run - not to scold us, but to embrace us, and stitch us, families and more back together.

Actually, in the middle of this series, September 16, is National Back to Church Sunday. Please start thinking about this now - attending and inviting people.

Maybe you've thought that you have to be good or holy enough. Is it that you believe you have to be better or more together? And yet, the only thing that is necessary to come to Jesus or to show up at church on Sunday is being in need...Do you need peace or joy or salvation or healing or connection or a new start or forgiveness or purpose? If you need these or similar things - they "qualify" you to come to Him and His house.

Also, tomorrow (September 9th) is Rally Day, our Sunday School kick-off celebration. Classes are available for students in pre-k through 8th grade. All students will be dismissed from the worship service to meet their teachers and classmates. We invite you to a time of food and fellowship following the service.

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