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Strengthening Our Core

As with health and fitness, it's important to strengthen our "core" or midsection; likewise, we need to ensure our "core" spiritual beliefs are strong. This new series "Strengthening Our Core" will focus on what we need to be about as Christians and as a church.

Starting October 7 through October 28, each week will reveal a key part of what pleases God and what gives us strength. October 7 is "Empowered" and will show how through Christ we enabled to amazing things for the Kingdom. October 14 is "Loving" - caring, welcoming fellowship is essential to be the body of Christ. October 21 is "Missional" and we are on a mission to bring the the compassion and salvation of Christ to people around us; it's the church fully alive. Finally, October 28 is "Hopeful" - as God's people, we know that in the end He will triumph - we are to live with and share this ultimate hope. Please visit during the month of October and experience our moving worship and these messages.

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