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Strengthening Our Core

As with health and fitness, it's important to strengthen our "core" or midsection; likewise, we need to ensure our "core" spiritual beliefs are strong. This new series "Strengthening Our Core" will focus on what we need to be about as Christians and as a church.

Starting October 7 through October 28, each week will reveal a key part of what pleases God and what gives us strength. October 7 is "Empowered" and will show how through Christ we enabled to amazing things for the Kingdom. October 14 is "Loving" - caring, welcoming fellowship is essential to be the body of Christ. October 21 is "Missional" and we are on a mission to bring the the compassion and salvation of Christ to people around us; it's the church fully alive. Finally, October 28 is "Hopeful" - as God's people, we know that in the end He will triumph - we are to live with and share this ultimate hope. Please visit during the month of October and experience our moving worship and these messages.


Worship with us online every Sunday at 10:30am

5 Ackerman Ave. Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 (corner of Saddle River Rd.)

Phone: 201-843-6672

Email: frcsbpraying4u@gmail.com

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