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First Reformed Church of Saddle Brook Celebrates Historic Bell Restoration

Our beautifully restored bell - This bell was originally cast in 1901 by E.A. Williams and Son Foundry in Jersey City.

SADDLE BROOK - On Sunday, October 20, area leaders, residents, organizations and friends of the church are invited to celebrate the restoration of the church bell - and how it represents a renewed commitment to "ring" the message of God's grace and hope to the community. There will be a special worship service (10:30am), and the dedication followed by a reception (11:30am).

The endeavor was inspired by confirmation students who desired to restore the 118 year old bell and its shelter as their service project. With the support of the church and generous donations, the bell is restored and a new shelter has been completed.

And, after the dedication, there will be a reception downstairs in the Van Wyk Fellowship Hall. CLICK HERE to sign up for the reception.

Also, the practice of ringing the bell prior to worship to welcome the community will also be restored. For more information, please call 201-843-6672.

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