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First Reformed Church of Saddle Brook Sending Pastor Christopher to the Holy Land

The Consistory of the First Reformed Church of Saddle Brook is pleased to announce that it has approved Pastor Christopher taking a sabbatical trip to Israel (including all the holy sites) from October 28th to November 8th.

The idea for this trip originated with John Plog, who had a dream and desire to thank Pastor for his eight plus years of service here. While it was a surprise to Pastor Christopher, it was a very clearly answered prayer from God.

And, as Pastor Christopher's ministry has led us to connect and care for the community, the vision for the trip is that it also engages the community. Residents and organizations from Saddle Brook will also be invited to support the trip. Finally, the church and community will be invited to participate in prayer, a send-off/blessing event, as well as a Thanksgiving service upon his return. We know this will be a life-changing event for Pastor Christopher. Through his sharing, it will inspire the congregation and community.

The Consistory is encouraging and welcoming members and friends of the church to also say thank you by donating to help pay for the trip, which is approximately $4,500.

If you have been blessed by the ministry of the First Reformed Church of Saddle Brook and Pastor Christopher and would like to say thank you, please feel welcome to support the trip.

CLICK HERE TO GIVE TO PASTOR CHRISTOPHER'S TRIP ON GOFUNDME. The funds go from this account to the church.

Checks can also be made payable to First Reformed Church of Saddle Brook (please note Pastor Israel Trip in the memo).

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