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Operation Christmas Child Initial Inventory 10/14/2019

Below is our initial inventory as we prepare for our annual Operation Christmas Child shoe box packing party on November 10th:


Coloring books - 2

Sticker books - 1

Story books - 1

Clothing Articles

Socks - 6 pairs

Underwear - 1 girls

Hair Products

Combs - 92

Headbands - 20

Snack size bags of assorted hair ties - 19

Hygiene Items

Toothbrushes - 57

Dental Floss - 3 boxes

Bars of soap in a plastic bag - 54

Wash cloths - 46

Individual tissue packages - 8

School Supplies

Crayons - 18 small boxes

Markers - 5 sets

Colored pencils - 3 sets

Pens - 145

Pencils - over 100

Pencil tip erasers - We have an abundant supply, but we need more of the large pink erasers.

Paper - 2 packs of notebook paper

Rulers - 31


Toy Cars - 16

Plastic animals - 3


Christmas sticker packs - 21

We usually go for 100 boxes, so we need to double our toothbrushes, washcloths, and soap. Also, we need more Ziploc bags (sandwich size for soap and toothbrushes and snack size for hair clips).

We NEED stuffed animals, dolls, books, matchbox type cars, coloring books (including adult coloring books) and crayons, and all school supplies (one subject notebooks, notebook paper, drawing paper, solar calculators, pencil sharpeners, journals), puzzle books, jigsaw puzzles, small toys and games, stickers, etc.) Hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, underwear, socks, plain or appropriate t-shirts.

NO weapons or war toys, NO flags or representations of the United States, NOTHING of any political nature whatsoever, NO TOOTHPASTE OR FOOD OF ANY TYPE (including all candy) NOTHING breakable including mirrors!

Please remember that all items packed in boxes should be new.

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