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Saddle Brook Pastor Returns Inspired from "Powerful" Trip to Israel

SADDLE BROOK - In recognition of nearly a decade of service, members of the First Reformed Church of Saddle Brook as well many people in the community sent its pastor Rev. Christopher B. Wolf to Israel in early November on a Holy Land pilgrimage to inspire, renew and thank him.

According to Rev. Wolf, the trip accomplished its purpose - inspiring and renewing his ministry and spiritual growth. He said visits to the Garden of Gethsemane, Capernaum, the Sea of Galilee, and the The World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem moved and touched him in life-changing ways.

"This powerful mix of lament, joy, yearning, peace and home - I had never experienced anything like it in ministry and life," said Rev. Wolf about his experience at the Kotel or Wailing Wall in Jerusalem (pictured above).

Rev. Wolf looks forward to sharing his insights and experiences in the coming months with the congregation and community. "Especially after visiting Capernaum and the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus started his ministry, I was so vividly reminded of why the work we do is so needed and important - communicating about salvation and reconciliation, healing, feeding people, being people of grace, hope, justice and prayer," said Rev. Wolf.

Helping people heal and grow in faith, and leading churches to connect with and serve their communities have always been the cornerstones of Rev. Wolf's ministry. Returning from the trip, he is even more committed to and focused on his mission. "This trip, for which I am so thankful, has only sharpened and intensified my passion and calling to serve Christ and people."

"We talk about walking in Jesus footsteps as disciples - now I have literally walked and followed his steps. I believe it marks a turning point for my faith and ministry," Rev. Wolf said.

For more information, visit with Rev. Wolf on his Facebook and Instagram accounts on which he posted updates, pictures and stories from his journey.

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