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Thankful Congregation Sending Pastor to Israel For Renewal and Inspiration

SADDLE BROOK – First Reformed Church is thanking and honoring its pastor of nearly ten years with a trip to Israel in the fall, to renew and inspire his ministry.

“It’s an amazing, humbling gift – and it’s an answer to prayer,” said Fair Lawn native and First Reformed’s pastor Christopher Wolf. This will be Wolf’s first trip to this part of the world.

The sabbatical trip to Israel (including all the holy sites) will be later this year (October 28-Nov 8). The idea for the trip originated with a church member, who was inspired through a dream, Scripture, and a desire to thank Wolf for his nearly ten years of service here.

“We’re truly thankful for Pastor’s leadership and service. As he has grown, we’ve grown too. So our vision is that sending him to the Holy Land will inspire him and he will return to uplift the congregation and the community,” said Kevin Kooistra, the church’s board vice president.

Wolf’s ministry through the church has purposefully impacted the community. He co-founded and moderates the Saddle Brook Township Community Partnership and has reached out and ministered to many people in areas towns in person and via social media.

“Pastor Christopher Wolf is a spiritual leader who has dedicated himself, not only to his parishioners, but to all of the residents in our community. He has played a vital role in providing guidance during times of crisis,” said Mayor Robert White.

“As we’ve sought to serve the community, we want to share this experience with the people of Saddle Brook. The design of the trip is to first renew and transform me as a person and a pastor; and then to cause a ripple effect of hope and passion in the congregation and the community,” said Wolf.

The church is planning a send-off/blessing event on October 27 as well as a thanksgiving service on November 24. Area residents are welcomed to follow along and to share in the trip by visiting www.firstreformedsaddlebrook.com.

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